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Advisor Digital Innovation


IT & Telecoms

Freetown, Sierra Leone

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Closing date:

15 March 2022

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The four member states of the Mano River Union (Côte d'Ivoire, Guinea, Liberia and Sierra Leone) are among the least developed countries in the world. Their political and socio-economic conditions are shaped largely by mineral and natural resources. In this context, it is promising that all four states have begun reforming their minerals sectors in recent years to encourage sustainable development. Although reforms have already been implemented, some of the key elements required to ensure that the extractives sector contributes to sustainable development are still lacking. The objective of the "Regional Resource Governance in West Africa” program is that the extractive sector in the MRU countries is geared to a greater degree towards the principles of social, ecological and economic sustainability. The Program supports partners in their efforts to reduce their dependence on external assistance in the long-term and to mitigate risks arising from the mining sector. To this end, it applies a multi-stakeholder approach to cooperate with governments, civil society and the private sector at the regional, national and local level. The four substantive focus areas of the program are: • Increasing government revenue. • Strengthening public institutions to fulfil their oversight and compliance monitoring role. • Strengthening both communities of mining areas and civil society CSOs, transparency and accountability • Integrating the mining sector into the local and national economy.


Required Qualification • Science orientated bachelor’s or Master’s degree in Information Systems Technology, or comparable, with an understanding of technical and economic aspects of renewable energy. • 3 - 5 years working experience in It or RE related organizations or companies. • Familiar with the major issues of renewable energy in Sierra Leone, ideally with previous exposure to the Renewable Energy-related private sector in Sierra Leone. • Prior experience in international IT center/institution is advantageous. • Very good working knowledge of information technologies and computer applications. • Basic understanding of AI, Machine Learning, Data Management Systems and Blockchain is a must. • Very good communication skills with national stakeholders. • Focused and proactive working attitude. • Very good knowledge of English, including writing capabilities, French language is an added advantage. • Positive attitude in taking responsibilities and new activities. • Prior experience working for EnDev and/or GIZ is an added advantage

About the Role

Specialist in Data Science, AI, Machine Learning, Data Management Systems and Blockchain A. Responsibilities • Support the framing and development of a digital and innovation strategic plan for programme processes and operations. • Together with the EnDev key team leads, support stakeholders by providing advisories based on data analysis including development of machine learning model to support the renewable energy development in the Mano River Union countries (Sierra Leone, Liberia, and Guinea). • Assists in improving framework conditions through digital solutions for the uptake of renewable energy, e.g., through more effective collaboration between key players in accordance with the project’s mandate. • Advice, develop and integrate core IT solutions that support the implementation of public - private activities with focus on biomass and biogas, solar PV, and applications as options for cooking energy. • Promote the use of data as a basis for communication strategy for the EnDev outreach. • Promote the application of digital technology for business innovation activities, such as the application of Artificial Intelligence including Machine Learning & Deep Learning, Big Data, and Blockchain. • Develop new activities aligned with counterpart needs. • Facilitate trainings for stakeholders on the use of EnDev IT tools • Mapping of RE data for publication B. Tasks 1. Coordination, Networking and Management • Support Key Advisor for Knowledge, Information Management (KIM) to develop, maintain contacts and foster dialogue with key stakeholders and Agencies (MDAs) in Sierra Leone and RE international technology providers, NGOs, association, project developers and donors etc.; • Develop, in coordination with Key Team Leaders, Terms of References (ToR) for external consultants related to renewable energy data and information, Information Technologies (IT) related activity, and knowledge management. • Work with the national consultants and service providers related to renewable energy in pursuance of fixed deliverables. • Monitor project progress, assess, and review technical reports and documents concerning project progress, determine bottlenecks and recommend alternative courses of management action to the principal advisor. • Coordinate with the Project Monitoring and Evaluation focal person from each key team on project planning monitoring and reporting. • Documentation of concept implementation and strategy in coordination with KIM team lead for monitoring & reporting. 2. Activity Implementation • Support related Key Team Leaders (KTL) to oversee, monitor, and evaluate the implementation of relevant activities on IT-related topics as part of the KIM, such as in developing a mobile application for monitoring biogas performance, further development of bioenergy database, innovative IT approach for RE development, and other relevant activity. • Manage and supervise IT-related activities such as developing a mobile application for monitoring biogas performance, further development of bioenergy database, innovative IT approach for RE development, and other relevant activity in coordination with other EnDev KTL. • Research and evaluate innovative renewable energy technologies under Sierra Leone market conditions, in collaboration with KIM and RE Technology advisor. • Research and evaluate potential technologies for the implementation of sector coupling concept under the Sierra Leone market conditions, in collaboration with KIM and RE Technology (ReTech) KTL. • Provide background check, review, and evaluate potential project partner, new policy and regulations related to project implementation 3. Data and Information Management • Mine, pre-process, analyse, and develop statistical plot based on official data from stakeholder or project partner as a basis for the development of studies. • Develop forecasting and predictive model, based on official data as part of the development of study and decision making within project. • Collect data on electricity statistics and renewable energy potential to support, the development of internal data and information platform for renewable energies. • Work with the national consultants and service providers related to data management and application development. • Manage the development of IT platform to support studies and pilot project and implementation, in coordination with the KTLs • Assists technical KTLs in utilising data and information in the context of activity implementation and policy recommendations to project’s counterparts. • Find and fix malfunctioning codes (bugs) on mobile applications for data collection 4. Knowledge Management • Stay abreast of developments in global, Sub Saharan Africa and locally based approaches for renewable energies and climate. • Prepare presentation materials such as brochures, fact sheet and power-point presentations to document relevant data and IT tools for supporting activity implementation and policy recommendations. • Facilitate exchange and identify potential cooperation with other GIZ projects and government partners on the utilization of data and information for RE development. • Support the development of success stories to showcase project achievements. • Support the development and implementation of capacity development strategy within the scope of GIZ/EnDev project. • Support documentation of capacity development measures and to make it available to target group(s). • Act as focal person in the use of Information and Communication Technology (ICT) platform for effective communication and coordination. 5. Other duties / additional tasks • Support the KIM Research Centre upon request of KIM Team Lead, EnDev • Subject to discussions with the project director, management team, KTLs and KIM, the Advisor may be allocated for additional tasks and other duties for shorter periods.

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