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District Integrated Services Manager (DISM)

Marie Stopes Sierra Leone

Health & Medicine

Multiple locations

Job Type


Closing date:

8 September 2022

To apply, use the link or send your CV to the  Email address below.

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Marie Stopes Sierra Leone

Marie Stopes International Reproductive Choices(MSIRC) is a global social business providing personalised, high quality, affordable contraception and safe abortion services to women and girls. MSI has 13,000 team members working in 37 countries to deliver our mission: children by choice, not chance. Marie Stopes Sierra Leone (MSSL) is a founding member of the MSIRC Partnership, operating in Sierra Leone for 30 years and becoming the largest non-governmental provider of family planning (FP) and sexual & reproductive health (SRH) services in the country. MSSL delivers services in every district of Sierra Leone through its PSS, outreach, centres/clinics, and social marketing channels.


Qualifications and Training (essential/desirable)

· Bachelor of Nursing with minimum of 3 years’ experience / Diploma in Clinical Medicine (CHO) with a minimum of 3 years’ experience / Midwifery with a minimum of 3 years’ experience (essential).

· Track record of high-performance rating by MSSL standards (evidenced by recent PRs, OGSMs)- essential

· Accredited Trainer of Trainers (essential).

· Additional assurance and/or training qualification (desirable).

· Active, practical, and up to date knowledge of all family planning methods and basic Obs/gynae (desirable).

· Good knowledge of the health sector in Sierra Leone an important advantage (desirable).

· Computer literate, proficient in MS Word, Power Point presentation and Excel (essential).

Experience (essential/desirable)

· Trainer of Trainers certificate in Sexual Reproductive Health (essential).

· Comprehensive knowledge of Reproductive Anatomy and Physiology for both male and female, counselling, modern methods of Family Planning, traditional / natural methods of Family Planning, Sexually Transmitted Infections (STI) and treatment and management of these (essential).

· Ability to conduct proper training needs assessment (essential).

· Ability to develop training plans and budget for SRH training (essential).

· Experience in providing FP/SRH training, coaching and mentorship (essential).

· Good knowledge of instructional skills and training administration skills (desirable).

· Experience in health services quality control at national level (desirable).

· Good knowledge/experience in incident reporting and management (desirable).

· Good knowledge/experience in emergency preparedness (desirable).

· Fluency in Krio and English (essential).

Personal Attributes

· Strong supporter of the cause for contraception and a woman’s right to safe abortion. (Pro-choice.)

· Results driven.

· Motivated and energetic.

· Strong commitment to the goals and vision of MSI and MSSL.

· Passion for service excellence and improving quality.

· Ability to multi-task

· Strict adherence to deadlines and submissions

· Strong training skills; able to effectively build capacity.

· Excellent interpersonal/communication skill.

· The highest levels of integrity, and a strong ethical sense.

· Self- managed and able to prioritise and work under pressure.

· Willingness to travel regionally and globally to deliver and attend MSI training.

MSI Behaviours and Values

Team Member Behaviours

Work as One MSI

· You contribute, use, and share accurate data and evidence to improve understanding, insight and decision-making across MSI, enabling us to maximise our ability to influence others

· You share relevant knowledge, expertise and resources to strengthen teamwork and prevent duplication of effort

· You actively work as part of a team, providing support and flexibility to colleagues, demonstrating fairness, understanding and respect for all people and cultures.

Show courage, authenticity and integrity

· You hold yourself accountable for the decisions you make and the behaviours you demonstrate

· You are courageous in challenging others and taking appropriate managed risks.

Develop and grow

· You seek feedback to enable greater self-awareness and provide the same to others in a way which inspires them to be even more effective

· You manage your career development including keeping your knowledge and skills up to date.

Deliver excellence, always

· You strive to consistently meet and exceed expectations, putting clients at the centre of everything, and implement smarter, more efficient ways of performing your role

· You build and maintain effective long-term working relationships with all stakeholders, and are a true MSI ambassador.

Leadership (For Leaders only)

· You inspire individuals and teams, through situational leadership, providing clear direction

· You seek and provide opportunities which motivate team members, helping to develop skills and potential whilst strengthening our talent and succession pipeline

· You are aware of emerging developments in our sector, demonstrating strategic insight about our clients and business and encourage this in your team

· You articulate a vision of the future which inspires and excites others.

MSI Values

· Mission driven: With unwavering commitment, we exist to empower women and men to have children by choice not chance

· Client centred: We are passionate about our clients and dedicate our efforts to delivering agreed objectives to the highest possible quality

· Accountable: We are accountable for our actions and take responsibility for everything we do to ensure long term sustainability and increased impact

· Courageous: We recruit and nurture talented, passionate and brave people who have the courage to push boundaries, make tough decisions and challenge others in line with our mission.

About the Role

This function supports the District Health Management Teams (DHMTs) within the region in the delivery of Family Planning Services, SPAC and MPAC at the local health facilities. The are embedded within government run health facilities like District Hospitals to provide Clinical Services, highly practical training and supportive supervision in the facility and nearby health centres.

Working with the implementing partners, government, donors, advocacy networks, MDAs, MSSL QAMT Team, the function is responsible for the development and implementation of the MDT training and capacity strategy, ensuring that it is closely aligned to the MSI Partnership goals of maintaining and improving clinical quality across all service delivery channels.

With a broad oversight of all areas of service delivery, clinical governance and the global standards established by MSI, the function represents MSSL in all FP technical and operational working groups and in clinical and quality matters. It provides expert support to develop and maintain clinical capacity and quality in the form of client safety, service delivery excellence and the best client experience.

MSSL is looking for vibrant, strategic-thinking, multi-taskers with evidence of strong relationships within DHMTs in the region to drive our implementation of FP operations, advocacy, service delivery, networking, clinical quality, and governance.

The DISM will have a track record of high performance in delivery of FP health systems strengthening with excellent work ethic plus understanding of delivery of programs across several grants (SLII, WAHO, SCD, LAD etc.).

She/He will be well versed in all areas of the global MSI PSS Success Model (SUMO) and will demonstrate an ability to translate this to sustainable change in meeting the FP/SRH needs of women, girls, and men via MSSL/MoHS partnership.

She/He will be an avid advocate supporter of women’s SRH rights with auditable ability to build relationships with partners and government.


Key Responsibilities:

Reporting directly to PSS channel Lead with oversight of Program Operations Director; the DISM will deliver the following:


Operational Excellence

· Conduct monthly performance review sessions with mentees,

DHMTs, in-charges, and MSSL outreach teams.

· Conduct continuous real-time performance tracking against KPIs.

· In collaboration with PSS Channel Lead, develop strategies and

activities to sustain high performance across region of coverage.

· In collaboration with Crown agents, DMS, district logistics officers-

conduct regular stock checks and support supply chain modalities,

regionally from DHMTs level down to facilities.

· Support facilities in-charges to regularly complete RRIVs and

Uploads to LMIS.

· Evidence of attendance from monthly reports submitted.

· Evidence of performance management trackers deployed.

· Monthly postings of MSSL data across channels on HMIS

· Continuous availability of FP stock at site level

Advocacy & Networking

· Facilitate and participate in periodic DHMT meetings, in-charges

meetings, districts’ health partners meetings, grants’ coordination

meetings etc.

· Identify and engage key stakeholders and pressure groups in

SRH advocacy.

· In collaboration with MSSL Policy and External relations manager

& PSS Channel Lead, develop key activities to improve SRH


· In collaboration with inter-religious council, PARHA and

trado-religious leaders; roll-out community engagements to

· Support MSSL Outreach teams within communities to improve

Community perception of OR services.

· Number of TWGs, in-charges meetings presentations done.

· Number of advocacy groups/networks incumbent is attached to as member.

· Number of activities’ and community engagement reports submitted.

Data Quality improvement

· In collaboration with MSSL RM&E conduct data validation checks

· Ensure regular update of PSS, Outreach, and centres monthly

data to HMIS.

  • Conduct quarterly (Client records audit) CRA checks.

· Evidence of spot checks and data validation reports submitted.

· Monthly postings of MSSL data across channels on HMIS

· Number of CRA reports submitted.

Training, Mentoring, Coaching and development

  • In collaboration with the Regional QAMT manager, District FP Coordinator and MoHS FP Master trainers, develop training curriculum in accordance with MSI global requirements/standards for the Public Health Workers in government facilities within her/his region.
  • Deliver high quality health services trainings to Public Health Service Providers in comprehensive family planning, SPAC and MPAC in accordance with MSI standards.
  • Conduct periodic training needs assessments for Public Service providers. Developing a clinical training matrix to identify gaps and needs within the facilities.
  • Provide mentorship, support, and supervise the Public Health Workers as they improve and maintain their skills in providing Comprehensive Family Planning services through on-the-job training.
  • Prepare training course material including hand-outs prior to commencement of training.
  • Conduct training course evaluations and prepare monthly progress reports for submission to QAMT and Channel Lead.
  • Develop and implement a supportive supervision and monitoring and evaluation framework for training inputs.
  • Ensure that all service providers have comprehensive training records to include documentation of general and specific trainings.
  • Monitor and document rollout and implementation of clinical quality protocols to standardise service delivery.
  • Use self-assessment, QTA visits and management meetings to identify specific training needs so that quality and technical clinical capacity is continuously improved.

· Approved, disseminated, and shared training plan at the onset of the project.

· Number of training needs assessment reports compiled complete with action plans on how to address gaps.

· PHW Competency levels are assessed at level 1 annually.

· Number of training progress reports shared monthly with QAMT/PSS Channel Lead and all training databases/records are up to date.

· Number of JSS reports and spot check visits reports.


Service Provision

  • Provision of family planning, SPAC, MPAC Services
  • Support the DHMTs in the planning and implementation of FP activities within the district.
  • Work in collaboration with CBMs to mobilise clients for FP information sessions and services at the supported facilities.
  • Counsel clients as per MSI Protocols to take up appropriate FP methods, including LARCs & LAPMs.
  • Registration of clients wishing to undertake permanent methods such as tubal ligation (TL) and vasectomy.
  • Manage Family Planning complications or side effects that may occur within the facilities and the surrounding areas because of outreach visits.
  • Effectively manage and resolve complaints raised by FP clients and promptly escalate difficult issues to the Regional QAMT Manager.
  • Provide the toll-free hotline number to each client to which they can channel any complaints and queries.

· Increase in FP uptake in support facilities especially LARC & LAPMs.

· Appropriate management of complications within 24hours and adverse effects escalated to QAMT Director and Channel Lead.

· Incident report compiled and submitted to Regional QAMT Manager, QAMT Director and Channel Lead monthly.

· CEI Report shows 100% responsiveness to Hotline requests.

Sensitization and demand creation

· In collaboration with MSSL marketing team, Restless

Development Sierra Leone (RDSL), DHMT Soc Mob unit; roll out

Periodic sensitization drives on FP/SRH.

· Design and implement marketing activities like school

Engagements, radio appearances and etc on FP/SRH

· Number of sensitization drives done.

· Number of engagements done.

All other duties/functions as designated by line

manager/organization in line with ‘one-MSI’ mantra- i.e. support Outreach, centers, Marketing and advocacy acitivites.




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