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Executive Director

National Fertilizer Regulatory Agency


Sierra Leone

Job Type


Closing date:

28 February 2022

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National Fertilizer Regulatory Agency

The need for quality assurance in fertilizer marketing and use is a concern for the Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry (MAF) in its drive to increase crop yields and attain food self-sufficiency. Fertilizer dealers import and sell fertilizers without being checked by the government to ensure that they are appropriate and meet minimum standards to support crop growth and environmental sustainability. Issues of nutrient deficiencies, adulteration, short weight and misleading claims and utilization are not being addressed thus resulting to little or no response to crop growth as well as production and productivity.

The National Fertilizer Regulatory Agency (NaFRA) was established by an Act of Parliament in November 2017. The Act provide for the establishment of a National Fertilizer Regulatory Agency to provide for the regulation and management of commercial importation, manufacture and distribution of fertilizers in Sierra Leone and for other related matters. The National Fertilizer Regulatory Act, 2017 was developed in accordance with Regulation C/REG.13/12/12 relating to fertilizer quality control in the ECOWAS Region. The ECOWAS Fertilizer Regulation was gazetted on June 20, 2017 as part of Sierra Leone’s commitment to the ECOWAS while the National Fertilizer Regulatory Agency Act, 2017 was published in the Sierra Leone Gazette Vol. CXL1X, No. 40 dated 5th April 2018. National Fertilizer Regulations, 2020 was enacted in parliament in March 2020 for the implementation and enforcement of the NaFRA Act.


Qualification, Professional Experience and Skills

v Minimum MSc. degree in Soil Science or Agronomy and other relevant certification in the field agriculture.

v At least 8 years work experience in managerial or executive management capacity with good knowledge of advanced agriculture, fertilizers, business and management techniques.

v Excellent communication skills in English (especially in public speaking) and interpersonal skills

v Strong ability to foster networks and partnerships

v Good leadership and management skills

v Must be willing and able to work as part of a team or in most cases lead a team

v Ability to motivate other members of staff to enhance the Agency’s productivity

v Must be able to pay keen attention to details

v Excellent problem solving and analytical skills

v High sense of responsibility, commitment and integrity

v Ability to coordinate the affairs and operations of the Agency

v Good computer skills (MS Word, Excel and Power Point applications)

v Good knowledge and understanding of Public Administration

v Good understanding of business functions such as finance, public relations and marketing will be an added advantage

About the Role

The Executive Director (ED) of the National Fertilizer Regulatory Agency (NaFRA) is charged with the responsibility for the overall management, supervision and direction of NaFRA’s operations and activities. She/he ensures the economic well-being of the Agency. The ED works closely with the Agency’s Board and provide technical advice to the Board on policy issues and decisions as they may affect the Agency. She/he ensures that NaFRA’s activities are implemented in accordance with Regulation C/REG.13/12/12 relating to fertilizer quality control in the ECOWAS Region. She/he ascertains that all resolutions of the Agency’s Board are implemented effectively and efficiently. The ED functions within the authority prescribed in the National Fertilizer Regulatory Agency Act, 2017.

Key Relationships

The Executive Director reports directly to the National Fertilizer Regulatory Agency Board.

Direct Reports

  • Finance and Administrative Manager
  • Planning, Management and Information Manager
  • Fertilizer Inspection and Compliance Manager
  • Laboratory Services Manager

Other Key Relationships

  • National Regulatory Agencies and Departments
  • International and Regional Fertilizer institutions including other related institutions
  • Non-Governmental Organisations

Main Duties and Responsibilities

The Executive Director shall be responsible to the Board for the performance of the following functions:

a) Receiving applications and register importers, exporters and manufacturers of fertilizer;

b) issuing licenses to importers, exporters and manufacturers of fertilizer in such form as may be prescribed;

c) imposing such conditions to the license as may be prescribed, including suspension or revocation of a license;

d) providing overall leadership in the conduct and management of the day-to-day business or activities of the Agency;

e) monitoring and supervising the preparation of the annual budgets and reports of the Agency for review and approval by the Board;

f) overseeing the work and discipline of the other staff of the Agency; and

g) carrying out such other functions as may be assigned by the Board or necessary for the purposes of the Agency.

h) develop project proposals and budgetfor submission to donor agencies for funding where necessary.

Duty Station: Based in Freetown with occasional travels to the Provinces.

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