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Fertilizer Inspector

National Fertilizer Regulatory Agency

Agriculture & Farming

Freetown, Sierra Leone

Job Type


Closing date:

28 February 2022

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National Fertilizer Regulatory Agency

Position Summary

The Fertilizer Inspector (FI) shall supervise the Senior Fertilizer Inspectors (SFI). She/he shall be responsible to ensure that fertilizer dealers are registered and licensed as well as comply with the provisions in National Regulatory Agency Act, 2017 and the National Fertilizer Regulations, 2020. The FI shall routinely provide report on compliance issues to the Senior Fertilizer Inspector for appropriate action. The FI will ensure compliance with all environmental, health and safety standards.

Key Relationships

The Fertilizer Inspector reports to the Senior Fertilizer Inspector.


Qualification, Professional Experience and Skills

v BSc. degree in Agriculture or related discipline and experience in dealing with fertilizer operations; agriculture background preferred

v At least 3 years professional work experience

v Good communication skills in English (written and oral)

v Good report writing skills

v Able to comprehend and communicate written policies and procedures

v Excellent analytical and numerical skills

v Ability to multi-task and to prioritize work amidst competing demands

v Ability to maintain and promote professionalism in interaction with team members and clients

v Ability to identify, analyse and solve problems in the field of operation

v Ability to work on own initiative with limited supervision

v Ability to work in any environment/situation (rural or urban)

v Must be self-motivated and can maintain high level of self-imposed discipline

v Proficient in Microsoft Office applications (MS Word and Excel)

About the Role

Main Duties and Responsibilities

  • Visit fertilizer dealers and ensure that they are registered with the Agency.
  • Inspect certificate of registration of fertilizer importers, manufacturers, and blenders including distributors and retailers to ensure that the certificate of registration is up to date.
  • Conduct routine inspection visits to warehouses, storage or sales points of fertilizer importers, manufacturers and blenders including distributors and retailers to inspect labelling and packaging of fertilizer bags, to ensure compliance with labelling and packaging standards as well as storage conditions specified in the National Fertilizer Regulations, 2020.
  • Sampling of fertilizer in a safe and representative manner, and label them accordingly for the purpose of analysis.
  • Confirm availability of the requisite equipment and safety kit in fertilizer dealer’s premises to ensure compliance with the National Fertilizer Regulations, 2020;
  • Examine transport services of fertilizer dealers and ensure that the fertilizer is appropriate handled to prevent deterioration in its quality; ensuring comply with all relevant standards.
  • Work closely with the Laboratory Services Unit team.
  • Regularly document and report violations of the Fertilizer Act and its Fertilizer Regulations to the Senior Fertilizer Inspector for appropriate action.
  • Carry out other duties as required and assigned by the Senior Fertilizer Inspector or NaFRA management.

Duty Station: Based in Freetown but can be relocated to the provinces.

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