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Human Resource

Freetown, Sierra Leone

Job Type


Closing date:

28 March 2022

To apply, use the link or send your CV to the  Email address below.

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CARE seeks a world of hope, inclusion, and social justice, where poverty has been overcome and all people live in dignity and security. CARE places a particular emphasis on women and girls, their dignity, and empowerment to lead their communities out of poverty. In 2020, CARE worked in 104 countries, reaching 90 million people through more than 1,300 programs, with an annual budget of $650 million. Every single one of those 90 million people has a story of resilience, community, strength, and hope—all things that bind us together, across every corner of the globe.

In Sierra Leone, CARE staff and partners have worked tirelessly for over 60 years to save lives, address the root causes of poverty and social injustice through advocacy, partnerships, system strengthening, and programming in impact areas of Gender Equality, Empowering Women and Girls, Humanitarian Assistance, and Right to Food, Nutrition and Water, Sexual Reproductive Health and Rights, Women’s Economic Justice and Climate Justice.


CARE Sierra Leone aims to identify an experienced marketing and business leader to spearhead its social enterprise concepts for health products with a primary focus on condoms as well as promote relevant behavioral change and communication to increase positive health outcomes in the target population especially as it relates to HIV/AIDS prevention in the field of Sexual Reproductive Health and Rights (SRHR).

We are seeking a senior executive to assume the role of Managing Director, Social Marketing who will have the overall responsibility for the management and operations of the social marketing entity of the organization in a bid to restructure it into a successful business entity. This person will be responsible for providing strategic, financial and operational leadership, and will work to evolve our Social Marketing Entity into an organization of choice in the local context.



To be successful in this role you will:

Possess experience and education in leading a Social Marketing Organization. Possess a bachelor’s degree in Business Administration or equivalent. A Master’s degree is preferred. Have a track record of executive management success and at least 5 years of experience leading/managing a local or national organization, preferably for-Profit, including 2 years of experience in social marketing. You must have held positions responsible for profit and loss, balance sheet and cash flow management, and general finance and budgeting.

Have the communication, and negotiating skills needed to manage international donor-funded projects, donor partners, and stakeholders. Initiate and develop partnerships with donors, actors/ stakeholders in Sierra Leone, and possess the ability to maintain these partnerships. Have demonstrated ability to drive both financial and social results

Be strategic, agile, and adaptable. Quickly learn CARE systems, processes, and procedures and adapt local practices to global standards. Possess strong knowledge of Social Marketing concepts with the ability to strategically apply practical solutions.

Understand Gender Dynamics. You must have a deep understanding of gender dynamics along with the understanding of social marketing of health products in Sierra Leone and or West Africa

Be a leader with influence. Demonstrated leadership, coaching, and influencing skills with internal and external partners combined with the ability to be a team player. Have a proven track record of success in building, leading, and developing high-performing teams.

Know your systems. Proficiency in Microsoft Office including Excel and Word, and familiarity with using financial software applications.

About the Role

Reporting directly to the Country Director, the successful candidate will drive our Social Marketing venture from its current state into a sustainable and stable organization. The MD – (CEO for Social Marketing) will be responsible for developing short, mid, and long-term strategies; culture, and organizational development while delivering financial, operational, and social impact goals, against objectives. The person in this role will be responsible for leading the growth of the entity and solidifying its stainability as a business/ social enterprise in collaboration with CARE Senior Leadership and the Interim Management Committee (IMC) which will later be transformed into the Board of Directors.

The key responsibilities of the Managing Director – Social Marketing are:

Vision and Strategy: Determine a short-term strategy for our social enterprise entity while developing a Long-Term Strategy for the social enterprise of health products. In this role, you will make key decisions around product diversification, development, and brand for quality improvement. To do so you will also:

  • Work on product diversification development and brand for quality improvement
  • Develop and review the distribution strategy for the various health products in collaboration with direct reports
  • Design a product distribution roadmap and roll-out, including promotional communication strategy and determine pricing for the various products in conjunction with determining sales, profit, and cash flow targets for the next 12, 24, and 36 months
  • Map expansion decision criteria that align with the distribution strategy and plan for the next 36 months
  • Recommend the entity’s legal, tax and ownership structure in collaboration with CARE’s Country Director for incorporation and ensure compliance to the registration requirements in accordance with the laws of Sierra Leone.
  • Partner with current Board of Directors/IMC to shape the long-term Board structure

Team and Culture: Determine and design team structure based on the identified strategic priorities, while keeping diversity, equity, belonging, and Inclusion in mind. Quickly identify staffing needs and establish a recruitment process to avoid gaps.

  • Create processes and identify the appropriate technologies to be used to achieve short-term and long-term goals
  • Lead recruitment for senior positions and provide oversight functions for other positions when required and create a clear roadmap for building a high-performing team.
  • Create a team culture that’s focused on goals and the future of the social enterprise entity and ensure that the culture attracts employees who are dedicated to delivering on the mission.
  • Ensure staff and clients compliance to safeguarding principles on protection against harassment, sexual exploitation, and abuse (PHSEA) at all levels

Financial and Social Results: Set and deliver financial targets while meeting/exceeding social enterprise entity goals on yearly sales.

  • Implement product development roadmap
  • Deliver yearly product roll-out
  • Manage budgets to meet revenue and profit targets and requirements.
  • Partner with Board of Directors Chair to recruit and fill 90% of open board roles
  • Regularly partner with CARE Social Ventures to evaluate financing and fundraising needs and leverage CARE Fundraising staff as needed

Fundraising: Develop and implement a fundraising strategy for the social enterprise entity and regularly partner with CARE Social Ventures to evaluate financing and fundraising needs, and, as needed, leverage CARE Fundraising staff to assist with delivering updates to funders.

  • Identify and explore other fundraising channels that align with the overall strategy of the social enterprise entity in collaboration with the IMC/Board
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