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Medical Doctor

Marie Stopes

Health & Medicine

Freetown, Sierra Leone

Job Type


Closing date:

9 May 2022

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Marie Stopes

Marie Stopes International (MSI) is a global social business providing personalized, high quality, affordable contraception and safe abortion services to women and girls. MSI has 13,000 team members working in 37 countries to deliver our mission: children by choice, not chance. Marie Stopes Sierra Leone (MSSL) is a founding member of the MSI Partnership, operating in Sierra Leone for 30 years and becoming the largest non-governmental provider of family planning (FP) and sexual & reproductive health (SRH) services in the country. MSSL delivers services in every district of Sierra Leone through its outreach, centres/clinics and social marketing channels.


•Bachelor of Medicine and Bachelor of Surgery degrees (MBChB) and valid license to practice the profession with a minimum of 5-10 year experience in this profession
•Ultrasonography skill and experience in SRH and gynaecilogy is highly desirable
•Proven experience as a physician
•Strong understanding of examination methodologies and diagnostics
•Excellent knowledge of infectious diseases, their symptoms and epidemiology
•Broad knowledge of common medication, side effects and contraindications
•In-depth knowledge of legal medical guidelines and medicine best practices
•Excellent oral and written communication skills
•Respect for patient’s confidentiality
•Compassionate and approachable
•Responsible and trustworthy
•Excellent computer skills and be able to use Digital system to document patient medical information

About the Role

Clinical,Health & Safety,Hospitality,MedicalIndustriesHealthcare,Medical,Ngo / Non-ProfitSpecification

The overall responsibility of the Medical Doctor is to provide a high quality standard of Clinical and specialist care in all aspects (General, gynaecological, paediatric, SRH, TL and Ultrasound sacn) of service delivery to clients. S/He will be maintaining close working relationships with the CHO Center Managers and Centre Channel Lead.
His/her Core objectives will be to provide high level competent client-centred care that addresses health needs and promotes wellness. S/He will be conducting general medical consultation, laboratory and comprehensive routine check-ups to patients to assess their health conditions, discover possible diagnosis and writing of medical reports. Conducting examinations to clients and evaluate symptoms to determine their condition. The post holder will lead monthly continuous medical education and providing mentorship and OJT to the Centre Managers across the Country program.

Clinical care and Service Provision

•Providinghigh level skilled healthassessment,diagnosisandtreatmentservices (including contraception & SRH services) to patients.
•Prescribe medications or drugs and provide comprehensive instructions for administration
•Ordering diagnostic tests as needed, checking and informing patients of results in a timely manner
•Referring patients appropriately to other providers if their needs exceed the range of care s/he is able to provide
•Consulting and collaborating with colleagues service providers (CHO Center Managers) to provide optimal Client Centered care
•Documenting all care provided and education/information given to patients within their health record, as per professional and MSSL standards procedures
•Conduct detail Ultra Sound Scanning and give feedback/report to clients on their results.
•Ensure that s/he adheres to current Health and Safety legislations in accordance with MSI and MSSL processes and procedures
•Provide support, monitor and enforce standards of client’s care, including routine checks, post-op queries, correcting or improving performance where appropriate with all center staff.
•Deliver a high standard of service to the community.
•Work with the Quality Assurance team to ensure full compliance in accordance with MSI, MSSL / MDT clinical guidelines and procedures.
•Ensure corporate clients base increase and are contributing to the overall center revenue generation.
•Conducting and leading monthly Continuous Medical Education (CME) sessions with the Center teams
•Proving one-to-one Clinical mentorship on all services to the Centre team on a regular basis to improve their medical skills and knowledge.
Leadership and capacity building

•Coach, develop, mentor and provide clinical inservice training for Center team members and influence them to take positive action and accountability for their work and ultimately making the team a high performing center
•Work closely with the Clinical Laboratory Service Manager to suggest strenthning of the Laboratory department in each centers.
•Remain up-to-speed with developments and best practices in medicine by improving on clinical skills.
•Work closely with centre team to ensure that clinical excellence and client satisfaction are achieved.
Recording and reporting

•Work with the Center Manager to maintain accurate records of clients seen
•Ensure effective systems for the timely and accurate management and reporting of information through efficient collection, analysis and reporting of activities within the centers.
•Prepare and submit narrative reports of the centre activities.

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