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Office Cleaner

National Fertilizer Regulatory Agency

Agriculture & Farming

Freetown, Sierra Leone

Job Type


Closing date:

28 February 2022

To apply, use the link or send your CV to the  Email address below.

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National Fertilizer Regulatory Agency

Position Summary

The Office Cleaner will be responsible for cleaning NaFRA’s office premises, including restrooms, emptying trash bins, cleaning windows, doors, dusting furniture, and performing other related duties to promote a tidy work environment for staff.

Key Relationships

The Office Cleaner reports to the Administrative Officer.


Qualification, Professional Experience and Skills

v Secondary level education

v At least 2 years of cleaning work experience

v Previous work experience with private cleaning institution will be an added advantage

v Ability to use a variety of cleaning products and equipment

v Basic speaking, writing and reading in English

v Hard working and committed

v Good physical fitness

v Good interpersonal skills

v Ability to execute task on time with minimal supervision

v Ability to interact with others in respectful manner, and reacts constructively to performance feedback from supervisor and other staff members

v Positive and constructive approach to daily work activities

v Good time management skills

v Should not exceed 35 years of age

About the Role

Main Duties and Responsibilities

§ Clean and maintain workspaces, common areas, offices, hallways, and bathrooms according to expected the standards.

§ Sweep, mop, and buff floors as needed.

§ Vacuum carpeted areas and furniture.

§ Dust and polish various surfaces.

§ Restock bathrooms with the requisite supplies (toiletries).

§ Empty trash bins and ensure proper disposal of thrash.

§ Monitor and maintain proper sanitation of the office premises at all times;

§ Officially perform any other duties assigned by NaFRA management.

Duty Station: Based in Freetown with occasional travels to the Provinces.

Profile Required (Person Specifications)

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